Dawn Grey

Dawn Grey has been a dancer most of her life. She grew up taking dance classes like many little girls and went on to become a dance major in college. Then life happened. She got married, had a couple of kids, and before she knew it, 14 years had gone by and dancing seemed like a part of her past. In 2010, she saw a flyer for a local belly dance class and felt compelled to sign up. She hasn't stopped since. Dawn is the owner of Blissful Sunrise Belly Dance, the Director of Seize the Sway, a certified ATS® Belly Dance instructor, and a Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio. She loves to share her love of dance and of ATS® to all who want to learn.


Cari Witcher

Cari has loved dancing for as long as she can remember, but she never studied dance growing up. She always meant to begin lessons as a young adult, but she lived in a small town and didn’t find any types of dance that appealed to her. She never thought she would be interested in belly dance. But, in 2010, when her second child was a baby, it was time to do something for herself. A woman she admire and loved was teaching an introduction to belly dance class and she decided to go for it.  She was terrified.  She told herself, “It’s just eight weeks.  You can do anything eight times.” So, she stuck it out through that eight-week introductory session, and never looked back. Her favorite thing about dancing is connecting with other dancers, as well as musicians and audience members. She loves watching people dance, and dancing together with others only enhances that joy for her. In 2014 her family moved to Des Moines, and she began learning American Tribal Style ® belly dance with the excellent guidance of Dawn Grey.  In her opinion, it has been a wonderful experience learning and dancing with these amazing women, and she looks forward to many more years of sharing dance.


Esmerelda Verde

Bio coming soon.

Madison Head Shot 2.jpg

Madison McCarney

As a musician and music teacher, Madison is surrounded by music every day. When she belly dances, she gets the opportunity to physically connect with the music through movement, which is what she loves most about dance. She's enjoyed many different forms of dance throughout her life, including ballroom, Latin, swing, ballet, Irish step dance, and belly dance. She started learning ATS® belly dance in the summer of 2015. She loves ATS® because it marries the art of movement with expression, music, fun and fellowship. ATS® is a beautiful dance form: she loves the connection between the dancers, and the improvisational nature that allows each dancer to interpret the music the way they feel it in the moment. It’s all about finding beauty, grace and strength in the music, in each other, and in herself. Madison states "It’s an honor to be a member of the troupe, and to help share this beautiful art form with others."


Katie Carter

Look no further for proof that a dance background is NOT necessary to enjoy ATS®. As someone who believes in remaining active throughout her life, she began dancing with Dawn back in 2014 after looking to "shake up" her exercise routine. Katie states it has been a fun ride working collaboratively with her troupe members in creating beautiful performances. And then there is the treasure hunt involved in the costuming -- She can smell a thrift store a mile away!

Katie says "As a more seasoned lady my recipe to share with others out there, both young and old, is this: Give ATS® a try and add some "spice" to your life!"