Dawn Grey, a FCBD® Sister Studio, is available to teach American Tribal Style® Belly Dance workshops in your area. Her teaching style is laid-back, inclusive, and fun. Have you been wanting to try ATS® or wanted to improve your ATS® skills? We can build workshops to fit your wants, needs, and/or level. Not sure what you want? We have some pre-determined workshops for you to choose from that include:

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Slow and In Control

- Find the muscle control to make your slow moves smooth and flowing by slowing things down to turtle speed. If you can master super slow, you will find a whole new level of amazing in your slow sets.

Fades and Spins

- This two-hour workshop will take your sets to new levels as it goes through the ways to facilitate a flawless fade in an improv environment and then we switch gears and get twirling with a look at technique for spins and the cues that lead up to them.

Dynamic Duets

- ATS® has a number of moves that are perfect for a varied and engaging duet set. Learn the moves specifically designed for duets as well as how to modify standard moves to pass your partner for awesome lead changes.

Bump it Up

 - An in-depth look at the Pivot Bump Family

Advanced ATS® Veil

- Take your ATS® improvisational veil performances to the next level with new moves meant to challenge the dancer and delight the audience.

Put a Little Dance in your ATS®

- Dance concepts applied to the Belly Dance style we love. Learn how to have graceful arms full of energy, explore your center of gravity, learn to spot, work on isolations, and putting it all together within the moves to go from doing a move to dancing a move.


Please use the Contact page to request information on how you can bring these workshops right to your door.